At Eastmont we believe you should belong to and be part of a local church family.
The formal process we have is called Partnership. We partner together as a church for the glory of God and the good of one another.

The process of becoming a Partner at Eastmont begins by attending our Intro To Eastmont class to meet staff, learn more about Eastmont’s culture and values, and ways for you to connect in community at Eastmont. You can sign up for our next session at

After attending Intro To Eastmont, sign up to attend the Eastmont Partnership Class. In that class we will share theological beliefs and church distinctives, talk about what you can expect from Eastmont leadership and what expectations we have for Partners. The class will end with a time of sharing your story of faith in the Gospel with our Elders and Pastors. Classes will be limited to 20 participants. To sign up for an upcoming Partnership Class, click here to register.

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