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Janet Hocker

Janet currently serves at the International Christian School of Vienna. Janet teaches to a multi-cultural student body, of whom many know very little about Christianity. Many of her students know limited academic English. Pray for students who have been confronted with the gospel, that the Word of God will take root in their hearts. Teaching Bible has been a particular challenge and privilege for Janet. Most of her students have not grown up with Sunday school and have very little knowledge of the basic concepts of Christianity. “Explaining Christ and his gift of salvation to students with no previous background in Christianity has been one of Janet’s favorite parts of teaching at this school.”  

Paul and Diana Mayhugh

Paul and Diana Mayhugh established Great Wall Ministries in Macau in 1986. During their time in Macau, together with their coworkers they established three churches, a street ministry and a university student ministry center. Due to family needs, Paul and Diana reside in Washington State. They remain steadfast in their commitment to Christ and their burden to bring the gospel to Chinese. They have an effective and expanding ministry helping Chinese reach Chinese for Christ. Paul travels frequently with extended stays in the region, teaching and supporting churches. More information can be found at the World Venture website  worldventure.com

Rob & Martine Karch
Rob and Martine’s passion is to reach the French-speaking world. They currently serve in St Jérôme, Québec. Their vision is to see thousands of people reconciled to the God of the universe, lives transformed, marriages healed, families reconciled, neighborhoods shaken, and the DNA of countries fundamentally changed. Rob was born in Seattle, Martine was born Montreal region. They met on a short term mission trip to Paris and have two children, Caleb & Constance. They are seeing lives transformed and new churches started in several places in the Montreal region and around the Province of Quebec. It is an immense privilege to be part of this growing French movement of people transformed by Jesus Christ. worldventure.com

Tim and Joy Watson

St. Petersburg, Russia

Bruce Tissell