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Global Partners in Closed Asian Countries:  Eastmont partners with a couple who serve pastors in closed Asian countries. Our partners’ early work focused on church planting, street ministry, and university student ministry. In recent years, ministry focus has turned to pastoral training and support. They remain steadfast in their commitment to Christ and their burden to bring the gospel to Asian peoples who have endured persecution, restrictions on evangelism, and varied levels of government restrictions on Christian gatherings. Eastmont restricts the online personal information shared about this family in order to protect their opportunity to minister in these closed countries. Eastmont Global Partner since 1991.


Global Partners in Majority Muslim Country:  Eastmont has partners with a family of four who live in a marjority Muslim country. Due to restrictions on Christian ministry, our partner works through a non-governmental organization as the director of an agricultural training team. Improving the technology for greenhouse gardening also increases the harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables. This produce is then given to local Christian churches who distribute it to those in need. Outreach and discipleship is fostered through new relationships started through the meeting of the basic need for nutritious, fresh food. God is leading the way by preparing the hearts of those who do not know Jesus as savior and Lord. As personal relationships grow, so do the numbers of new believers in Christ. Eastmont restricts the online personal information shared about this family in order to protect their opportunity to minister in this closed country. Eastmont Global Partner since 1997.


Global Partners in a Closed Country:  After serving many years in Eastern Europe and  Germany, Eastmont’s Global  Partners are now serving in two different ministry roles in a closed country. Mrs. Global Partner is the head of the only accredited Christian international school in this country. There are nine different nationalities of staff serving ten nationalities of students. Many of these students come from influential families from countries that will not allow missionaries. Mr. Global Partner is an international consultant, trainer, and investigator related to child abuse. He works with the international Child Safety Protection Network and investigates historical and current child abuse cases. He is also finishing his Doctorate in Ministry in Marriage and Family Therapy. His counseling and trainings specialize in healing from trauma, abuse, and neglect. They have two young adult children who are currently studying at a university in the USA. Eastmont restricts the online personal information shared about this family in order to protect their opportunity to minister in this closed country. Eastmont Global Partner since 1998. 

Bruce Tissell:  Eastmont has a long history with individuals and missions agencies to fulfill the command to go into all the world to share the good news of Jesus.  Bruce Tissell is serving in north Brazil thus extending Eastmont’s ministry into the southern hemisphere.  Over the past 25 years as the Brazilian church has matured Bruce has seen the mission’s role transition from direct evangelism to a support and equipping role.  The church’s greatest need currently is to train Pastors to shepherd flocks of believers in many communities throughout Brazil.  Bruce recently accepted a position as Seminary Director in Teresina.  Please pray for the continued growth and maturation of the Brazilian church. Eastmont Global Partner since 1993.








Seminario Bautista de Nogales (SEBANO):  In our 25 year relationship with the Nogales Baptist Seminary many Eastmont short term teams have been involved in significant construction projects and outreach activities in support of the seminary.  The seminary was founded in 1957 to train pastors.  The seminary has grown to be a support hub for Nogales and churches in Northern Mexico.  The seminary facilities are in need of significant maintenance and repair. Ramon Rodriguez is Executive Director of the Seminary, he and his wife Ana live in Nogales, Arizona.   Additional information on the seminary and their ministry can be found on the Missions Door web site  Eastmont Global Partner since 1998.



Otino Waa Children’s Village:  Otino Waa Children’s Village began in 2003 as a mission to rescue 78 orphans who were being targeted by the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) to be abducted as child soldiers. Today, Otino Waa houses over 300 orphan children and has onsite medical and dental clinics, primary and secondary schools, and a vocational training center. Orphaned children as young as the age of 5 are accepted each year, as space allows, and stay through graduation from secondary school.   Eastmont sent short-term mission teams to Otino Waa in recent years. Eastmont Global Partner since 2017.




Rob & Martine Karch:  Rob and Martine’s passion is to reach the French-speaking world.  They currently serve in St. Jérôme, Québec. Their vision is to see thousands of people reconciled to the God of the universe, lives transformed, marriages healed, families reconciled, neighborhoods shaken, and the DNA of countries fundamentally changed.  Rob was born in Seattle, Martine was born in the Montreal region.  They met on a short term mission trip to Paris. They have two children, Caleb & Constance. They are seeing lives transformed and new churches started in several places in the Montreal region and around the Province of Quebec.  It is an immense privilege to be part of this growing French movement of people transformed by Jesus Christ.  Eastmont Global partner since 2001.



Terry & Jennie Dalrymple: Jesus admonishes us to meet the physical needs of our fellow human beings.  Terry is the Coordinator for The Global CHE Network: an association of people and organizations using the strategy of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) to serve impoverished communities in urban and rural settings around the world. CHE ministries seeks to meet the health needs of underdeveloped communities in remote parts of the world as a vehicle to bring the love of Christ to a desperate world.  CHE equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable change.  Lives and communities are transformed as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs, such as clean water and sanitation.  More information can be found at the CHE web site. Eastmont Global Partner since 1985.


Silas & Amanda Cheek:  After seven years in Bend, the Cheek's responded to their family’s call by the Lord to serve with UIM International. Originally known as United Indian Missions, Inc., UIM International was founded to establish biblically-based indigenous churches among Native Americans in the southwest U. S. in 1956. Today, UIM ministries are reaching nearly 35 tribal groups in Canada, the U. S., and Mexico as well as Mexican nationals and Spanish-speaking groups within various parts of the U.S. Their headquarters are in Tuscon, Arizona. As a certified aircraft mechanic, Silas will be using his experience by helping to maintain the fleet of airplanes used in this ministry. They are still in the process of raising financial support. They are active in a local church and have three children. Amanda plans to use some of her time providing administrative support for their team as possible. To learn more about UIM or to support the Cheeks full-time ministry, go to:  Eastmont has served as the Cheeks’ sending church since 2019. Our church became financial partners with the Cheeks in May 2020. 

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