Rev. Dr. Bradley West

Eastmont Church has partnered with Reverend Dr. Bradley West to offer Pastoral Counseling to it’s church partners. Dr. West served as an Army Chaplain for 22 years and has been providing counseling for over a decade.


What Is Pastoral Counseling?
As the name implies, a Pastoral Counselor is a pastor who specializes in counseling. The significance of this lies in the person and role of a trained and ordained pastor who receives additional education, training, and credentials in the field of psychotherapy.  This combination provides a counselor who views personal and relational issues through the lens of biblical theology integrated with expertise and techniques informed by psychology and sociology.


Services Offered

Counseling for Individuals
Counseling for Married Couples
Pre-marital Counseling
Spiritual Direction
Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
Marriage Seminars, Workshops,
Retreats, and Speaking Engagements